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Speed Commish - Medic V Lady-Spy by KGBigelow

I really like how you captured the style and even went so far as to show what the Medic's office may look like when he isn't helping ou...


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I do my best thinking when I'm either hurt or confused. Right now, I'm both. So, for all intents and purposes I should be thinking the most profound things ever right now. It's like this, how come what's best isn't always what's right? An I did mean for it to be in that order. The easiest solution may be the best one in a lot of cases, but what about where there is no good or easy solution?
Things are hard to decide. I can't let myself think about this too much, but if I neglect the thought completely then I've failed and wasted my time. There has to be some balance between over thinking and under-thinking, just thinking. I'm not the best at balance, although it is what I believe in. Balance in all things. Balance between spirituality and logic. Balance between arts and science. Balance between fun and work. Just balance in ALL things. It's a virtually impossible thing to achieve, I understand. But the closer one is to balance toe better he or she truly is. That's another thing, truth. Honesty is the best policy? Well yes and no. It's hard to not be dishonest in some things. But it is essential. If people would just stop and realize that the "correct" answer is not always going to be the honest one. People. I don't much care for a lot of them, mostly because I don't know a lot of them. Most of the ones I actually know are incredible. People. They're weird. I like most of them though. Ones who achieve fame  by accident, not by deliberate effort. People who only do a thing because it will bring them attention annoy me. I don't exactly know. It's unfortunate being of above average talent or intelligence but not the absolute best. Then, you have the capacity to realize that there will always be someone better than you at doing what you love. There will always be someone better than you. There will always be someone better. There will always be someone. It's true, and honestly I don't know how to handle it without someone better. And believe me, basically anyone, especially everyone who reads this, is better than at least me. I'm really not that great. I'm all mentally dysfunctional and stuff. And physically dysfunctional. And socially. It's like, my mind takes a different path to reach the same outcome as another mind. A standard mind reaches outcomes in a less convoluted manner than mine. I don't much care for it. It really sucks when Mental dysfunctions manifest into real problems. Sleep deprivation, eating disorders, whatever. Suicidal thoughts or tenancies. And Keep In Mind A Cry For Help Will Nor Always Come In The Form Of The Word Help. There was no significance to the capitalization of that last line, I just wondered what would happen if I did it. there is no significance to this either, i just was curious of the outcome. I think I'm done for now. The government is starting to upset me too. Shouldn't all people deserve to be happy? I mean ALL people. every person. Like, all the races, religions, sexualities. Aren't people just people? aren't they? We're all the same. It's true, I mean it. If a bisexual, asian, deist man falls for a straight, british, jewish woman, who's to say they can't just share happiness? Not I. Nor you. Nor the Government. Or whatever higher power you may or may not believe in. We are all here, get over yourself and give others the same rights you've been given. seriously. The only truly illegal things should be murder and like theft. We have the means and resources to save the planet. Socially, economically, environmentally. Nobody wants to get their heads from their asses long enough to do anything though. I'm guilty of such, but I'm also only 16. There isn't much I can do. Still, I could help more than I do now. I'm sorry that this is kind of pointless. I jsut thought maybe someone might read it. This is literally just me talking to myself, to some extent. It's nice to have thoughts just in text. THis is my stream on consciousness.


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Well. I exist. That's about that. Self proclaimed "tech wizard" I spend most of my time on the internet and stuff. Fan of most things that Valve makes, as well as Doctor Who,The Venture Brothers, The Beatles, Queen, Mother, Megaman and Star Wars. Meh, it's not like anyone is reading this anyway.

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